Saturday 13 October 2018

The Art of Shade - The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Where would you be on your big day without your favourite girls around you? If your bridesmaids are anything like mine, they will be on hand all day to make sure your lipstick is topped up, you don't have a hair out of place and most importantly keep you calm as you prepare for the impending nuptials! With all of that in mind, why not show your bridesmaids your appreciation with a very special gift!

Estée Lauder might just have that perfect gift for your bridesmaids and it's one that they can put to great use on the big day! At Selfridges London and Manchester until mid-November you can customise your very own lipstick shade! 
For £81 (the same price as 3 Estée Lauder lipsticks) you can customise 3 lipstick bullets in your perfect shade beautifully presented in a Estée Lauder case! Josie and I were lucky enough to give this excellent service a go at the Estée Lauder counter in Selfridges on Oxford Street. 

To begin we had the choice of finish in either creme or matte before deciding on our base colour from the colour wheel. Josie and I both opted for a creme finish, with Josie choosing Manhattan Mauve as her base and myself selecting Cosmopolitan Pink.

Once the finish and base colour was chosen our Estée Lauder mixologist Martha mixed up the base shade. Martha then measured and added small amounts of yellow, red, black and white lipsticks to adjust the shade. As changes were made to the lipstick shade we were able to test the colour on our lips and if necessary make slight tweaks to the recipe. 

After the final colour selection was made we poured the lipstick mixture into the bullet moulds and personalised our lipstick caps as we waited for them to set. We had the choice of 5 limited edition lipstick caps that we were able to engrave in either silver or gold text and choose from a selection of different fonts.

When the lipsticks had set in their mould we were then able to put them into their cases and Martha wrote down the recipe for our exact lipstick shades. We both created our 'perfect nude' - Josie named hers "Be My Bride" while I named mine "Mrs Litten" in honour of my new name!

This is such a fantastic service for you to create a unique lipstick shade for your bridesmaids and something they will cherish forever. Alternatively you could create a bespoke bridal shade or use this service to match an existing lipstick that has perhaps been discontinued.

You can book your appointment to customise your own lipstick shade here.



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