Wednesday 16 January 2019

Top Tips for Brides Choosing their Wedding Dress

My wedding dress was purchased from Windsor & Eton Brides however it actually wasn't me that picked out my dress but shop owner Carla. Carla has been the owner of Windsor & Eton Brides for 6 years and has seen fashions change and assisted many brides with choosing their dress. She was able to share with us some of her top tips:

Preparing for your wedding dress appointment
Don't rule out any styles, while you think you may have an idea of the style of dress you would like it is impossible to truly know what suits you until you try them on!
It is worth bringing your own shoes with you, whether they are the shoes you plan to wear or your wedding day or just a pair of your favourite heels - wearing your own shoes will improve your posture and you will feel much more comfortable in the dresses.
Do your hair and make up - you want to feel like yourself and give an idea of how you will look on your big day.

When to start looking for your dress
A year is the ideal length of time but so long as the dress is ordered 5 or 6 months before the big day then that is plenty of time! If you start looking too soon the dress might be discontinued by the time you need to order it for your wedding and your taste may change.
Give yourself time to reflect on your decision, don't feel under pressure to purchase your dress at the time you first try it on.

Who to bring with you
Bring with you people that you like and trust. Don't feel pressured into bringing lots of people or people that will make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes family members or friends will want to pick out dresses for you to try on, however if this is a dress that you don't want to try on you don't have to!

Knowing the different types of fabric
Wedding dress fashions have changed, while not so long ago silk and lace were the most popular fabrics, nowadays there are many more options. More structured fabrics such as crepes and mikado silk are becoming increasingly popular. Mikado silk is a heavy fabric which is less shiny than a traditional silk. Crepe is a softer fabric and is used more in figure hugging gowns.

Tailoring your dress
The gown itself is just the start, anything can be changed! Dresses can be altered and personalised to suit the bride, be open minded. A seamstress will be able to tailor your dress to fit you absolutely perfectly.

Finding "the one"
Often when you are unsure on a dress you will continually pat down the dress and touch it, when a bride puts on "the one" she will not be able to stop smiling and will stop touching it but instead admire all the things they like about it.

We hope that these tips help you find your dream dress!


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