Wednesday 27 February 2019

8 things to consider when choosing your Wedding Flowers

With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest there is increasing emphasis on having the most 'picture perfect' florals. We have put together some of the key things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers.

1. Budget
Before speaking with any florist, one the most important decisions to make is to agree a budget. How much are you happy to spend on flowers? Fresh flowers will only last for the wedding day so it can be difficult to justify the cost to your groom (or at least it was with my groom!) however they will be a focal point of the wedding and will appear in almost all of your photographs.

2. Colour Scheme
By the time you come to choosing your flowers you will have most likely set a colour scheme so it is important to consider how your florals will match the rest of your wedding. If you have already chosen your bridesmaid dresses it can be a good idea to show them to your florist so that they are able to colour match your flowers to their dresses. Alternatively, you could follow Meghan Markle's example and stick to a neutral flower colour scheme.

3. Seasonality
Your choice of flowers will vary depending on the time of year and which flowers are in season, for example peonies are a popular choice but are in season May/June. If you have a long engagement one tip would be to visit your florist the year before your wedding to get an idea of the flowers in season at that time.

4. Real or fake?
If you are worried about the cost of flowers, choosing false flowers can be a cost saving alternative. There has been a trend for foam flowers although these aren't the most environmentally friendly and there has been a recent rise in the use of dried flowers. Another cost saving tip would be to choose lots of foliage for your bouquet rather than expensive florals.

5. Style
There are a whole host of bouquet styles and it is important to choose a style that suits your dress and your theme. If you are having a rustic wedding then this would suit a loose, wild bouquet, whereas a destination wedding might suit something more exotic. It is also worth considering your height when you choose your bouquet, for example I had a cascading bouquet and being only 5 foot tall it was important it wasn't too long so didn't trail on the ground!

6. Venue decoration
Are you planning to have floral decorations at your venue or just bouquets? Floral displays can transform a venue but they should be factored into your budget as it can get expensive! It is worth considering how you could use flowers in multiple locations, for example a flower wall could provide a back drop when you say your vows and could then also be used as a back drop in photographs for your guests! 

7. Who for?
Who will be having flowers? Traditionally the bridal party will all have bouquets and the groomsmen have buttonholes. Do you also want to provide corsages for the mums, and do you have flower girls? 

8. Traditions
Are you planning to throw your bouquet? Some brides have an extra bouquet to throw or borrow a bridesmaids for the toss! Often groom's also give out bouquets of flowers as thank you gifts to the mums and any other people that they would like to thank.

Have you chosen your wedding flowers?


Monday 4 February 2019

How to Choose your Wedding Venue

When it comes to wedding planing one of the key decisions is the venue but this is also an incredibly difficult decision to make as it will be integral to every aspect of your big day. Here are some things that you might need to consider when it comes to choosing your venue:

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1. Location

While you don't have to be too specific in the early stages of wedding planning you need to have a rough idea of the wedding location. Do you want to have a destination wedding? Is there a particular country/area you have in mind? Are you planning to have the ceremony and reception in the same place, if not you need to consider the distance to travel between the two.

2. Style

What style do you have in mind for your wedding? Would you like a rustic barn wedding or perhaps something more traditional? There is no point looking at mansion houses if you are picturing your big day in a teepee. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for wedding themes.

3. Budget

What is the budget for your wedding venue? Can you afford the venues that you are going to view? Imagine if you fell in love with a venue that was completely out of your price range? Remember to properly review what packages the venue is able to offer, does the price include the wedding breakfast or this something that you have to organise independently?

4. Capacity

Although you won't be required to confirm your guest list until about 2 months before your wedding you will need to have a rough idea of numbers to check that the venue is able to cater to your requirements. It is worth drafting out a guest list before you even start to look at venues, a lot of venues charge per head for day guests so this will also help you calculate your budget. Remember most venues are able to accommodate extra evening guests.

5. Time of Year

The time of year will have a big impact on the price and availability of your venue. Some venues are only available for weddings during the summer months. Often the cost of a venue will vary depending on the season. The day of the week can also play a part in the cost of the wedding so it is worth considering a weekday if you are looking for ways to save.

6. Overnight accommodation

If you have guests traveling some distance for your big day, whether there is overnight accommodation might play a big role in choosing your venue. Not all wedding venues have on site accommodation however this might not necessarily mean you have the rule the venue out if you are able to find local places for people to stay.

7. Gut feel

You could find a venue that ticks all the boxes but just doesn't feel right, there is a lot to be said about gut feel! You need to be able to envisage your big day at the venue and for me this is the most important requirement when choosing your venue. You will have all your photographs taken there and the memories will last a lifetime so you need to truly love the place that you marry.

What other factors played a part in choosing your venue?

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