Friday 15 June 2018

The Negatives of Planning a Wedding

Everyone talks about about the positives of planning a wedding, yes it is an exciting time, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Here are some of the negatives but also some planning advice!

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Weddings are expensive! It can feel like adding the word 'wedding' to an item automatically bumps up the cost. Planning a wedding is likely to be the first time you have done any sort of event planning so make sure you shop around to get the best price!

Guest List

Choosing your guest list is actually very tricky! Who gets plus ones, are you inviting children, are you inviting people you have never met, what about evening guests? There are so many decisions and it's tough not to offend anyone! Set some ground rules for who gets an invite and remember that it is your special day so it is your decision!

Wedding Party

This is another one that sounds easy until you actually need to make a decision. How many bridesmaids do you want? Lots of bridesmaids might look too much in photos and can also be expensive, (also establish whether it is you or your bridesmaids paying for their dress, shoes, make up etc!) Is your best man comfortable with delivering a speech? Remember asking someone to be best man/maid of honour comes with a lot of responsibility so it's important to choose the right person! and not someone with whom it will feel like a burden!


Even if you are not having a theme as such, you will still have colour scheme, your venue will influence your style of dress and your wedding stationery will follow a theme. It is important to give this some thought as you will want the wedding to flow beautifully and your 'theme' to follow through the day.

Table Plan

Once you have selected your guest list and sent out your invites you still have some tough decisions to make when it comes to the seating plan. Unless you are very fortunate there is bound to be some politics between your friends and family so selecting who sits where can be challenging. Try to avoid any awkward encounters as best you can but remember that everyone is there for you so should be able to put their issues aside for the day.


Some people can be a bit funny about gift lists preferring to choose their present themselves. Try not to let this deter you from creating a gift list or asking for money, most people will really appreciate the help and would prefer to give you something they know that you would like.

Hopefully planning your wedding isn't too stressful, it is totally normal to have a few disagreements so try to not panic! My biggest piece of advice would be to remember the purpose of the day is to marry the love of your life, everything else is just detail (important detail but not the be all and end all)!

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