Saturday 17 March 2018

Wedding Guest Etiquette Tips

You've received your wedding invite, now is time to get planning your outfit, choosing your gift and most importantly celebrating two people declaring their love for each other! Before you get started here are some tips to be the perfect wedding guest!

  1. RSVP on time - the bride and groom usually include a date to RSVP by on the invite, this will enable them to confirm final numbers to their venue. Don't make them chase you for a response, if you know you can/cannot attend send back your RSVP ahead of the deadline date.
  2. Provide any dietary requirements - you will typically be asked with your invite if you have any dietary requirements, be sure to let them know so that you will be catered for. Most venues will be able to provide alternative menu options for all sorts of dietary requirements.
  3. Don't assume you have a plus one - unless stated don't assume you can bring a guest. Most venues charge per head and it may not be possible for you to bring someone who was not on the guestlist.
  4. Be respectful of the dress code - this will depend on the venue as a destination wedding is bound to be more casual than a church ceremony. Some couples detail the dress code on the invite but if you're not sure you can always ask.
  5. Avoid wearing white - this is an absolute no no! White should be reserved for the bride only, try steer clear of pale nude and cream shades too.
  6. Don't upstage the bride - the bride will have likely spent a long time finding her perfect dress, avoid wearing anything that could upstage her. Leave your biggest prom dress for another occasion.
  7. Avoid matching the bridal party - be mindful of the colour scheme, it might be worth checking with the bride. There is nothing worse than a guest being confused for an additional bridesmaid.
  8. Arrive on time - while it is customary for the bride to be late as a guest you should aim to arrive 30-45 mins early. This will give you time to get settled before the bride makes her grand entrance.
  9. Switch of your phone during the ceremony - make sure your phone is off (or on silent) during the ceremony, it is really not cool for a phone to be ringing as the couple say their nuptials!
  10. Be considerate of the photographer - try to avoid getting in the way of the official photographer. The aisle shots and first dance photos can be spoilt if all the guests are snapping away on their camera phones.
  11. Allow the newlyweds to post the first photo - it is becoming increasingly common for couples to ask their guests to refrain from uploading photos onto social media until they have posted their announcement. You can always upload your wedding outfit shot in the meantime!
  12. Congratulate the bride and groom - often the happy couple and their parents will have a receiving line which allow them to speak to all their guests. Take this moment to share you congratulations but avoid using this time to have a lengthy chat, they will have a lot of people to speak to!
  13. Sign the guestbook - most couples comment on how quickly their day went, it is nice for them to look back at their guestbook. Include your best wishes and a memory of the day for them to review in years to come.
  14. Giving gifts - many guests like to give a gift to the newlyweds. Some couples provide a guideline of what they would like, while it is your choice be considerate of bringing oversized gifts that may be difficult to transport home.
  15. Take your favours home with you - the idea of wedding favours is for the bride and groom to thank you for sharing their day with them. A lot of time and effort can be spent of these and many guests forget to take them home.
  16. Dance dance dance - one of the biggest concerns for the bride and groom is that their guests aren't having a good time, show them you are and hit the dancefloor!
  17. Don't drink too much - while a wedding is a happy occasion and the celebration of two people coming together, be careful not to drink too much. No one wants to be remembered as that drunk guest who made a fool of themself!

The most important thing of all is to remember that this is a tremendously happy occasion and to have fun! Are there any other etiquette tips you can think of?

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