Wednesday 28 March 2018

Bridal Fashion Week: Suzanne Neville

25th - 27th March marked Bridal Fashion Week 2018 and the unveiling of Suzanne Neville's 2019 Collection. From beaded gowns, to stunning applique and silks, Home House provided a fabulous backdrop for the bridal showcase. The collection includes a beautiful assortment of fabrics, shapes and styles, there truly is something for every woman. Each dress is so unique and it is the small design details that make the dresses really stand out.

Beautiful applique dipped hem

Lace sleeve with silk a-line skirt

Asymmetric hem with fluted sheer skirt  

Gorgeous applique and lace back detail 

Soft mermaid with back embellishment

Fabulous floral applique detail

The bridal make up look was the work of the wonderful Charlotte Tilbury team who created a soft dewy glow that perfectly complimented the dresses.

Suzanne Neville stated that "beautiful and innovative fabrics are always the starting point and my inspiration for any collection I design." 

See the Bridal Showcase video here.

Which of the dresses in the 2019 collection is your favourite?

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